CANDLE CARE - how to burn your candle properly

CANDLE CARE- tips for a beautiful, long lasting burn. 

How to burn your candle properly:

1. Make sure your candle is on a safe surface. The ideal surface will be heat safe, even, away from air drafts, and away from animals or children. 

2. Light your candle!

3. It is important to allow your candle to reach a full melt pool the first burn. This means to allow the wax to melt all of the way to the edge of the vessel. Doing this, you are preventing tunneling. Tunneling is when the candle will burn straight down like a tunnel, with un-melted wax around the edges. 

4. Make sure your candle is is trimmed and is clean of wick trimming pieces before each burn. 


Candles can be a fire hazard due to the flame if not cared for properly.. be sure to never to these things! 

1. NEVER leave your candle unattended. Put your candle out before sleeping,  leaving the house, or a room not entered often.

2. NEVER burn your candle for more than 4 hours. 

3. NEVER burn your candle to the bottom. Leave 1/2 inch of was at the bottom. Seriously! I know it may seem like a waste of wax, but we recommend scooping the left over wax and putting it in a wax warmer to get the most use. 

After you've enjoyed your candle to the end, clean out the vessel and re-use!